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9 Tips To Help You Get Better At New Year Resolutions


Studies have shown that by midyear less than half people keep their January promises. Improve your odds with some simple tips and tricks or just make some changes in your life:


  1. Write it down

Your will is strongest when you are making resolutions. Writing it down will able you to recapture the intensity of that moment again and again.

  1. Keep your goals public

Tell a friend or family member about your resolution. Sharing your challenges and successes makes the work easier and less scary.

  1. One habit at a time

Like it takes time to form bad habit, it also takes time to replace it with good one. Conquer one habit at a time, than move on to the next.

  1. Expect to make mistakes

It doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Forgive yourself and use the slip as a chance to learn, for example your triggers. Is it too hard and too tempting to be around friends who are smoking when you’re trying to quit? If yes, avoid those situations.

  1. Reward yourself, not just at the end

Rewards can motivate you. However small, they remind you of your progress.

  1. Remind yourself of your accomplishments

When you feel discouraged, remind yourself how much you've accomplished in the past. Write down a list and remind yourself how much willpower you really have.

  1. Don’t give up after 21 days

Many people believe change can be formed in 21 days, but researches show it's not that simple. For some, creating a habit can take 2 months or more.

  1. One day a week

Dropping a bad habit just one day a week can help you quit it for good. If you can do it easily, try to go for 2 days, etc.

  1. One pound a week is better than 30 in 6 months

Big-scale goals can make you give up. Break them down into several smaller and easier ones.


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