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4 Remedies That Actually Work

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1. Apple A Day: Apple cider vinegar has been shown to fight off infections, but a few slices off an apple can attack common cold viruses. Just 100 grams of apple equal 1500 mg of vitamin C. Peels are rich in flavonoids, which lowers the risk for heart disease. Be careful, however, that you eat organic apples. Otherwise, peels are rarely edible.

2. Vitamin C: Studies aren’t definitive on whether or not vitamin C can prevent or stop colds, but it has been proven to reduce the length of colds. If you are looking for natural source of vitamin C be sure to look for Camu Camu. It contains 30x more vitamin C than lemons.

3. Garlic: Not only does it decrease length and severity of flu symptoms, but it also stimulates the immune system. Garlic works best consumed raw, and has been shown to increase the growth cells, which are able to locate infectious pathogens and remove them from the body.

4. Echinacea: Taking this herbal remedy can help treat the common cold and even reduce the life of the cold by 1.5 days. Taking about 900 mgs of extract twice a day should do the trick.

Nutrient-rich food is key to boosting the body’s immune system by flooding it with dietary nutrients. A healthy balanced meal can increase gamma interferon, which is essential for immunity and viral and bacterial infections. So do remember to eat healthy.

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